Friday, December 9, 2011


At Bubba's school, all kids who get picked up instead of riding the bus have a designated waiting area in the gym. My little darling took it upon himself to sneak out when the teacher wasn't looking (he was promptly intercepted) in order to go find me for himself. This is his second time doing this in a week, so I couldn't just let him off with a warning and speech like last time. This time I took away the computer, TV and dessert. (Just for a day-- he's only 6 after all!^^)

Anyway, I thought he handled it well because he looked very contrite and nodded with what I took to be understanding when I asked him "Do you understand why I have to punish you?" Well, I guess he did take it harder than I thought because, upon arriving home from school, he went straight to his drawing/writing table and wrote me this letter, a letter in which I am getting grounded! From two of my favorite things, no less! I admit...I had to walk into another room so he couldn't see me laughing. This one gets saved forever!

I love how he calls me by my name, not by "Mommy". I also give him kudos for knowing it's "you're and not "your", and cuteness will keep me from deducting a point for mispelling "mean". =)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Boys don't wear nail polish!

My boys and I were relaxing on my bed last night just before bed. The littlest, Goose, being nosy, decides to dig through my "Mommy" drawer and finds a bottle of clear coat nail polish with glitter. My oldest, Bubba, sees it, takes it from his brother and holds the bottle up into the light and asks me what it is. The swirling glitter has them both entranced. I tell them that it's nail polish and describe how it's applied. Bubba then asks me to put some on his finger. Uh do I answer?

I've never been one to stick to the implied rules of society. I mean, I don't break the law and I try to follow the Ten Commandments as best as I can, but gender roles and social norms...if they seem to hamper my style and personality, I'll dismiss them. I'll admit, I've caught a lot of flak for my decisions but the burden was mine to shoulder as it is for every individual who makes a choice to stand on their own, away from the crowd. But we are talking about my boys now. Do I want them to be raised to be individuals who move to their own beat created by their own rhythm? Absolutely. But can I handle watching them be teased, ridiculed or even shunned for their choices. Do I want them to grow up being called "weird" "odd" or "difficult" just like Mommy was (and still is called) by some?

The answer is no, I do not, however what I will try to do is raise them with enough pride and self-esteem that those words will not sting as much. I will raise them to know that being the odd one out is not that bad, and that being "one of the crowd" can be overrated. The funny thing about life is that in our adolescent years, the years that are the most vital in forming who we are and how we'll contribute to society, those years are when it is hammered into us to conform, to fit in, to be the same, to do what all the rest of the typical kids are doing. It's not until we finally get out into the world that many of us realize that we really don't want to fit in with everyone else...we really want to be our own individual selves. Ironically, it's when we are adults that fitting in and conforming IS a necessity. So by that logic, should youth be the time when we encourage the stretching of imaginations, the reaching for seemingly unattainable goals and the testing of the boundaries of "normal"?

So back to last night. I am an individual who doesn't care what people think about her most of the time, but I am also aware that not everyone around me may agree with my stances, including my husband and other members of my family, so I compromise.

"I have a better idea," I tell Bubba. "How about we put some on your big toenails instead?"

I didn't tell him no, I didn't have to say anything about how the world of nail polish and glitter is only for girls, but I did get to allow him the experience he desired in a modest way. It's cold and will be for a while. No one will see his feet but us at home, so no worries of teasing or criticizing of him or my parenting skills. I paint his big toenails and then those of his little brother, who refused to be left out of anything his big brother was doing.

"I have sparkly toes! My toes are sparkly!" he says, studying them carefully. Then he decides that he doesn't like sparkly toes, and that's fine. At least I gave him the opportunity to test it out. If it's within reason, I will always let my children test things out. Given the chance, most often, they will make the decision that everyone really wants them to make. Out of repression comes defiance. It pays to remember that the next time your son asks to play with a "girl" toy or your daughter refuses to wear a dress.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DIE-ting! Again! But this time I mean it! come my pictures always make me look fatter than I really am? I mean I know the image that I see in the mirror of this thick yet shapely and well held together woman has to be the real me, not the swollen chick in the pics with the cheeks so puffy she looks like a squirrel hiding nuts for the winter. But, just in case I may be delusional, I've embarked on yet another diet. But this time I'm going to make it work. Really, I am. I promise! (Crossed fingers don't count if they're behind your back, right?)

All kidding aside, it's the holiday season and I've been known to gain, like clockwork, about 10-20 pounds from Halloween to Valentine's Day. I'm attempting to stop that shameful trend this year. Right now I'm having the breakfast that seems to be standard in every diet I've ever tried - a black cup of coffee - and repeating the mantra "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels". It's not working. Krispy Kreme, I'm sure, would taste as good. So would a double bacon cheeseburger with lots of ketchup. (See how my brain hates me?)

How do you lose weight? What motivates you? What do you say to yourself to keep it off? I'd love to know. I've been dieting for more years than The Who has had farewell tours, but obviously I have not found my answer. Post in the comments below and wish me luck! I'll keep my progress posted here...when there is any. =)

Who is this Silly Mommy?

I opened this blog months ago with every intention of jumping right into it, but you know how that yadda...easy distractions. But it's Fall, our schedules are pretty much set and so here I am!

A little about me. I am a 37 year old mom who still tells people she is 27. Or is it 26? Yeah, not doing too well with the aging thing, partially because I don't look my age, mainly because I don't act my age! I figured if I can get away with it, why not? Besides the obvious things I love - kids, husband, family, etc... - I am an AVID anime and manga fan to the point of obsession. Seriously, I couldn't tell you what was on mainstream television these days because, thanks to Netflix and the Internet, all I watch is anime. I like to cook, baking especially, and sometimes you may see some of my creations on here. I am half-Korean, half-Black American but since I've got the American part down pat, I am spending a lot of time learning about my Korean half. I am attemping to learn the language and customs and things that my Mom figured I didn't need to know because I am an American. I am very laid back and it takes a lot to upset me. Many people have told me that I am very "California". One day I'll have to make it out West because I'd really like to know what that means! I love making new friends, am addicted to the silly Facebook games, and I still like to rock out to a good metal/screamo band. If you comment or e-mail me, I will respond.

My family. Bubba is 6 and ADHD. He's a total technophile already, just like his Daddy, and can get online, surf the net and use Mommy's credit card to buy Facebook credits for his games (without my permission, by the way), and take things apart and put them back together again with ease. He used to be a Momma's boy but he's gone over to the Dark Side and now prefers his father over me. Unless he's in need or sick or something, then it's "Ma! Mommy! Mom!" all the way. Goose is 2.5 going on 10. He's a short ball of energy who is absolutely social and friendly and so full or personality that sometimes you'll find yourself saying "Just sit down somewhere!" He is a total Momma's boy but my husband keeps saying that it's only a matter of time before he belongs to him as well. In truth, I don't mind, I'm glad they love their Daddy so much. There's enough room left for Mommy. About my husband B. I wish I could say his heart belongs to me and the kids solely, but truth is we have to share him with his first love, the computer. His job requires him to work with computers all day but darn if he doesn't come home and sit at one all night. And loves it. Loves it loves it loves it! But I will say, he has skills and can make a crappy computer sing if he wants to. But he is a good provider for our family and doesn't mind my craziness or whatever crazy idea I decide to pursue. He's my quiet supporter. Most of the time.

And that's me and my family in a nutshell. I'll be blogging about them a lot, I'm sure, among other every day things that I feel compelled to blog about. I look forward to hearing what people have to say about my blogs, and I'll take the good with the bad. Just not hateful junk. That I will have to delete. But this should be fun.