Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What Happened to "Help Your Fellow Man"?

My husband donates blood as often as he's allowed. He's the precious blood type of O- that is coveted. Since he donates often, he regularly gets newsletters mailed to him from the Red Cross with updates, the latest location nearest to us that is collecting, and other Red Cross news. One just came in the mail, not ten minutes ago, and I decided to flip through it. Imagine my disappointment to find that the Red Cross had implemented a rewards system in the beginning of this year to encourage people to donate blood and platelets.

Am I the only one who feels badly about this? I don't think doing the greater good and helping mankind should be contingent on what prizes one can redeem their efforts for. It's not the Red Cross I'm upset with for creating this system, it's the fact that we humans have gotten so selfish that so many of us will not even consider doing something for nothing. When I posted this on Facebook, a friend replied "Some people need encouragement to help them to build up the courage to do it". I reject that answer because out of all the reasons to get over their fear or apprehension to donate blood, such as saving lives, it takes the prospect of a prize to spring them into action?

It is really disheartening to hear and read so much "ME! ME! ME!" propaganda. Many don't seem to be concerned with the state of the world and how we all need to come together to keep from falling apart. It's about one's own personal convenience, everyone else's inconvenience be damned, and the line of thinking that is becoming all too common: "This benefits me how?"

Granted, I understand that there are some times when we have to be selfish for our own good. You can't just lend money to every one in need, or go without a necessity to help someone else, but when it comes to something that we are freely able to give, is it right to essentially hold it hostage for remuneration?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back & My Announcement =)

Okay, starting a blog right before my busiest time of year family- and duty-wise wasn't the best idea I've had. I was all set to sit down and write 1-2 blogs a week but BAM! Christmastime and all the parties, events, cookie making, etc...that went with it came along. January was a bit better but then on came all the illnesses that got passed around the house. It is now February and I think I can breathe again. And blog again. Hopefully, I didn't just jinx myself.

The holidays were great this year. Both my boys were at the age when Christmas finally had meaning to them. Especially to my oldest. I loved being able to explain to him the true reason for the season, to let him know that it was more than a time for him to get gifts. All the celebrations we had, including the family ones, were surprisingly drama free. Best of all, I got everything on my list that I wanted - an imported Japanese teacup and teapot and an immersion blender. (Be prepared for cooking blogs in the future!)

Now, on to my big announcement. I'm pregnant! This was not planned, as I've given away all my baby things because I was that sure the factory was closed, but as a dear and wise friend pointed out "If you're not preventing, you're trying"! I had my first baby at 31 and my second at 35, and now, God willing, this one will arrive when I'm 38. I'm only 6 weeks along, so it's still early. Some people have questioned my reason for sharing my pregnancy so early in it's stage, especially after my history of many miscarriages. The main reason was shock...I was just so surprised that I kept letting it slip out! The second is if I do end up having a miscarriage, at least I know I will have people who will help me through it. I am reserving my excitement as much as I can until I see a viable fetus on a sonogram. I'm on baby aspirin and progesterone and all I can do is pray that everything is A-OK. Meanwhile, I'm experiencing morning sickness like I never had with my previous pregnancies, sore nipples, crazy dreams and fatigue, so instead of cursing all that, I'm accepting those as signs of a healthy pregnancy.

So I have been given a lot to blog about in the future. I plan to squeeze every bit of entertainment and life out of all my current situations as they evolve, so hopefully there will be good material somewhere in there. Time shall tell, no? LOL.