Friday, December 9, 2011


At Bubba's school, all kids who get picked up instead of riding the bus have a designated waiting area in the gym. My little darling took it upon himself to sneak out when the teacher wasn't looking (he was promptly intercepted) in order to go find me for himself. This is his second time doing this in a week, so I couldn't just let him off with a warning and speech like last time. This time I took away the computer, TV and dessert. (Just for a day-- he's only 6 after all!^^)

Anyway, I thought he handled it well because he looked very contrite and nodded with what I took to be understanding when I asked him "Do you understand why I have to punish you?" Well, I guess he did take it harder than I thought because, upon arriving home from school, he went straight to his drawing/writing table and wrote me this letter, a letter in which I am getting grounded! From two of my favorite things, no less! I admit...I had to walk into another room so he couldn't see me laughing. This one gets saved forever!

I love how he calls me by my name, not by "Mommy". I also give him kudos for knowing it's "you're and not "your", and cuteness will keep me from deducting a point for mispelling "mean". =)

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  1. Smart kid!! Very impressive spelling, especially that "You're"! hehe