Sunday, April 29, 2012

Goose turns 3! And an eggless cake recipe. =)

A tumultuous pregnancy it was,
Still I never regretted a step
I was even looking forward to natural labor
(I must have fallen and hit my head.)
With vigor vim and pep.

On April 29 did he arrive
The second son to our clan Haynes
Blessed with his Mommy's drop dead good looks (Shut up.)
And Daddy's perspicacious brains.

Here today Goose now stands a preschooler
Displaying unique character and personality so bold
While Mom and Dad look on with sentimental eyes
At their baby, just turned 3 years old.

Alas, how sad that time flows so fast!
I have both dismay and joy where my heart is.
So I need you to stop reading and get to work
(Especially you science inclined types)
Mama needs a time machine-- go build me a Tardis!

Happy Birthday, Goose *MUAH*


So I took my 95 y.o. neighbor grocery shopping with me yesterday, and helping her caused me to forget all the stuff I needed to bake my son a nice EGGS. I totally didn't feel like running out again so instead, I Googled "eggless cake recipes" and found one that was great! This eggless vanilla cake came out a little denser than your traditional cakes, however it has just the right amount of sweetness and my kids loved it. I had a half a can of chocolate frosting left over from my birthday a couple weeks ago and tons of M&Ms leftover from the boys' Easter baskets so voila! Instant birthday cake. My big little 3 year old loved it and both boys (and Daddy) ate it up happily.

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